Forever Loved Programs

Forever Loved Programs – We offer 3 Forever Loved Options for your Loved Pet

Forever Home

Gives the Pet Parent peace of mind by keeping their Loved Pet in their own home, with care provided by certified pet caregivers from ACT USA. If you have multiple pets, the Forever Home Program can keep your pets together, safe and sound, without ever leaving the security of the home they know and love. This is our most comprehensive and detailed program with many moving parts, so please reach out to us for more information if you’d like to learn more or to make your reservation!

Forever Family

Your Loved Pet will be placed with a Forever Family who will love and care for your pet in the event of your disability or death. Care plans are designed to carry out your wishes, and your Pet Trust provides the resources to provide lifetime care for your loved pet. ACT USA will be there to step in and protect your loved pet’s future when you are no longer able.

Forever Sanctuary

Your Loved Pet will join a community of Loved Pets at a Forever Sanctuary for a lifetime of love and care.   You choose the sanctuary or we can help you make the selection. This program is ideal for Pet Parents of Loved Pets that include horses and birds, but is also suitable for dogs and cats too. Costs associated with this program are the annual care costs of your pet and estimated life expectancy.

Pet Trustee Services

We provide professional trustee and fiduciary services for Pet Trusts.  Our oversight, administration, investment and distribution services are designed for one purpose – to protect and provide for pet’s lifetime love and care.  You can bring your own Pet Trust, work with one of our qualified attorneys to custom design a Forever Loved Pet Trust, download our personalized Forever Loved Pet Trust or join our first-of-its-kind ACT4Pets Community Pet Trust.

Our Pet Trustee services don’t have the high costly minimums you’ll find at traditional banks or trust companies.  Our Pet Trustee services were designed for one purpose, to protect and provide for your Loved Pet, giving you peace of mind.  Talk to us today!

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