Forever Loved Pet Trust

The Forever Loved Pet Trust – the first of its kind!

The Forever Loved Pet Trust is a community type trust.  It doesn’t just benefit one Love Pet or family, it’s available to many.

This means you don’t have to create your own customized pet trust, you can easily join ours.  Our Forever Loved Pet Trust and Joinder Agreement are all you need to get started protecting your Loved Pets forever!

Forever Loved Pet Trust Benefits:
* Your Loved Pet will have a lifetime of love and care – choose our Forever Home, Forever Family or Forever Sanctuary Program
* You provide the necessary financial resources to  make sure your Loved Pet has the best care possible
* Assets are held in an irrevocable trust (subject to minimum contribution amounts) for your Loved Pet’s care
* Your Loved Pet will receive the type of care you want – You’ll complete a Pet Profile for each Loved Pet
* When your Loved Pet passes, remaining Forever Pet Trust funds are used to help other Loved Pets

To request more information on our Forever Loved Pet Trust, please complete the inquiry form below.  We will be happy to share our programs and fees for creating a lifetime protection plan for your Loved Pet.

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