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You should plan for your Loved Pet because no one loves them like you do.  No Loved Pet ever deserves to end up in a shelter, or worse…

Pets are our children, in so many ways.  Yet, they will never grow up, never hold jobs and will never take care of themselves.  As Pet Parents it is our job and our duty to make sure that if something happens to us, our Loved Pets are protected.  More than 500,000 pet are euthanized annually simply because their Pet Parent didn’t have a plan.  Don’t let your Loved Pet become a statistic.  Contact us today!

​A Pet Trust is a legal instrument designed to provide financial resources for the benefit of one or more pets for their lifetime care.
Traditionally, in order to provide for a pet using a trust, the beneficiary had to be a person, not the pet.  As a result, it was possible the person might improperly use the money intended for the pet.

Today, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have adopted statutory laws that provide for the creation of a trust for the benefit of a pet.  Here, the pet is the trust beneficiary, not a person.  As a result, the beneficiary pet has legal rights that can be protected..

Your Pet Trust will require, at a minimum, a Pet Guardian or Pet Caregiver, and  a Pet Trustee.  You can choose the Pet Guardian or we can help you with this difficult choice.  Animal Care Trust USA, as a qualified charity, can act as Pet Trustee.  We provide the management, oversight and services to make sure your Loved Pet stays loved.

Having an estate plan for yourself is just the first step. State laws don’t allow you to leave money directly to a pet for its care.  If you try, you may actually be putting your pet in peril.  However, all 50 states and the District of Columbia recognize Pet Trusts where your Loved Pet can be the beneficiary of a trust created to provide for lifetime care.

A Pet Trust is a legal instrument that details the lifetime care plan specific to your Loved Pet and your pet’s unique needs. A Pet Trust recognizes your pet as the beneficiary and gives your pet legal rights. A Pet Trust also provides for a named Pet Guardian or Caregiver and Pet Trustee that will be responsible for the lifetime care of your loved pet and provide oversight for the financial resources you’ve left to take care of your pet.

Animal Care Trust USA, is the only organization that provides options for lifetime pet care as well as Pet Trustee services to make sure your Loved Pet is protected for a lifetime.

​YES, you should still protect your Loved Pet, even if you haven’t created an estate plan for yourself.  The Animal Care Trust USA Forever Loved Pet Trust makes it easy.  You don’t have to hire a lawyer, you can join our Forever Loved Pet Trust, provide detailed instructions for your Loved Pet’s care and provide proof of funding.  You’re all set and your pet is protected if something happens to you.  Click here to learn more.

We are happy to discuss the details, call us today!  407-977-1300

The Forever Loved Pet Trust is a Pet Trust that allows multiple Pet Parents to benefit from a single document.  The Forever Loved Pet Trust is available to all Pet Parents.  You can join by signing our Joinder Agreement, providing details about your Loved Pet and providing proof of funding.  The Forever Loved Pet Trust is a community trust in the sense that it is not specifically created for one person but intended to be used by many.  The Joinder Agreement permits Pet Parents to adopt the provisions of the master trust as their own and provide additional specific information regarding your Loved Pet’s lifetime care.

The Forever Pet Trust will allow you to save valuable resources (both time and money) so you can be sure your Loved Pet is protected.

Animal Care Trust USA acts as the Trustee of the Pooled Pet Trust so you have complete confidence your assets will be used for the lifetime care of your Loved Pet.

You may have the Forever Loved Pet Trust reviewed by your attorney, if you wish.  We welcome feedback and invite all interested attorney to join our Trusted Advisor Network.  The Forever Pet Trust was prepared by Founder and CEO, Peggy R. Hoyt, a Florida Bar Board Certified Specialist in both Wills, Trusts and Estates as well as Elder Law.  She has more than 25 years experience in the practice of law and held a Series 7 Securities license as a Financial Advisor.  Board members Sarah AuMiller (a Florida Bar Board Certified Specialist in Elder Law) and  Michelle Adams Gumula are co-creators of the Forever Pet Trust.


FOREVER HOME – The Forever Home Program is designed for Pet Parents who want their Loved Pet to remain at home with no change in their environment or daily routine.  Animal Care Trust USA will place a certified Pet Caregiver in your home to provide lifetime love and care to your Loved Pet.  Your Pet Trust must be sufficiently funded to ensure there are sufficient financial resources for both the lifetime care of your Loved Pet and the care of your home.  Upon termination of the Pet Trust, remaining trust assets may be retained by Animal Care Trust USA to support our charitable mission or designated to alternate beneficiaries.

FOREVER FAMILY – The Forever Family Program places your Loved Pet with another loving family who will provide lifetime love and care for your Loved Pet.  Your Pet Trust assets will be used to provide for the health, care and maintenance of your Loved Pet.

FOREVER SANCTUARY –  your Loved Pet will be placed in a sanctuary environment with other Loved Pets.  This is the most economical option and  ensures your Loved Pet – cat, dog, horse or bird – will have lifetime love and care.  Your Pet Trust assets will be used to provide for the health, care and maintenance of your Loved Pet.

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